User Manual

Output Options Menu

This menu provides options to change how files are outputted from OnSong. It contains the following options:

As a single file

When a set or more than one song is selected to be outputted, OnSong defaults to sending multiple files, one for each song. Enabling this setting will combine the individual files into one, aggregate file. For instance, if the PDF file format is selected and the single file option is selected, one PDF file is generated with multiple pages which contain all outputted songs.

Different file formats handle exporting as a single file differently; outputting in this manner does not make sense for all formats.

As a ZIP file

When exporting multiple files, it may make sense to export as a ZIP file. This places all individually outputted songs into one file which can be extracted. When emailing multiple songs it is beneficial to turn on this setting since most email servers will block or omit attachments it does not recognize or that could be construed as a security threat. Sending ZIP files will typically work around this limitation.

Lyrics only

When exporting chord charts in various formats, you can turn chords off and only display lyrics. This is useful for printing songbooks for congregational singing or to send to vocalists.

Original key

OnSong uses a transposition engine that allows you to set the key of the song independently from the underlying song content. This key is outputted by default. If this option is turned on, the original key in the underlying song content is used instead.

Remove Capo

This setting can be turned on to remove any capo that has been applied to the song. For instance, if a song is originally in the key of A and capo is set to 2, the outputted song would be G if Original Key is turned on. Turn on the Remove Capo option will output in the key of A.

Song Flow

This setting can be turned on and off and determines if the song flow designated for the song is exported. If turned off, the song is outputted in the order it is written. When enabled, any song flow is applied for repeating or removing sections.

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