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User Manual

File Formats

OnSong supports a number of file formats with which to export songs and sets including:

Adobe PDF

PDF is a standard file format that is used as a means to create digital paper output. OnSong can export a song or songs in the PDF format. When the "As a single file" option is turned on, a single multipage document is outputted.

OnSong uses the page size, orientation, and margins as provided in Page Layout Settings when exporting PDF files. Only text-based chord charts and other PDF files can be exported the PDF file format. If you have another file type in your set, that will be outputted as just the song title. Songs that use the PDF format will be appended to the document in the page size, orientation, and margins used in the original file. These files do not include annotations or sticky notes. PDF files include a .pdf file extension.


The OnSong file format is usually just the content as it is written in the Song Editor. This is useful for importing into another version of OnSong, or to save in order to make future changes. These files are plain text and have the .onsong file extension.


Choosing this format will export the song content using the ChordPro syntax. This can be used to edit and view the file ChordPro-compatible apps. This file format is text-based and has the .chopro file extension.


Choosing this format will export the song or set in the OpenSong XML file format. This can be used in other OpenSong-compatible applications for lyrics projection or library management. This file format is XML-based and has a .xml file extension.


HTML files can be exported to view in web browsers on any platform. OnSong exports the HTML file to closely resemble the chord chart as rendered in OnSong. This does not include annotations. HTML files have a .html file extension.

Text File

This outputs the song content as a plain text file, placing chords on a line above the lyrics. Text files are plain text and include the .txt file extension.

Song List

The song list is different from other file formats in that it does not export the actual chord chart, but rather a list of every song in the set or which has been selected using the Song Picker. This list is in the HTML file format and contains a table with the song title, artist, key, and capo.

The song list is exported as an HTML file that contains a table of the following song attributes: song title, artist, current key, and capo.

OnSong Archive

The OnSong Archive is one the best-kept secrets in OnSong. This file format is binary and can only be read by other versions of OnSong. However, these files contain all the information necessary to display a song or set in another version of OnSong (including styles, settings, annotations, and external files).

The OnSong Archive file format includes the .onsongarchive file extension and can only be opened by the OnSong app.

OnSong Backup

Exporting an OnSong Backup is a must for any user who has spent significant time organizing and curating their song library in OnSong. The OnSong Backup format always stores a single file and always contains everything needed to restore your OnSong library to its original state. This includes user preferences and settings, songs, sets, styles, books, etc. The OnSong Backup file format includes the .backup file extension.

Some imported file formats can only be viewer "as-is" and cannot be converted to other file formats when exported. These will be exported "as-is" instead.

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