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User Manual

Energy Management

OnSong is designed for professional on-stage use. To that end, while running OnSong keeps the screen on and prevents the device from going to sleep. While this ensures that you have constant access to your charts, sheet music, and other musical assets, it can mean that your battery might not last for hours and hours. We've built some great tools for prolonging the battery on those long sets.


While you may want the screen to stay on indefinitely during a performance, you may have times what you walk off the stage but can't shut down OnSong to preserve the battery. For those moments, OnSong can automatically dim the screen brightness as this accounts for a large portion of power draw.


By default, OnSong will automatically stay running while in the foreground. To avoid draining your battery, you can automatically dim the screen. OnSong will restore the screen brightness as soon as you tap the screen, use a foot pedal, or other input is received.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on June 10, 2024