User Manual

Double Tap

Many users choose to control OnSong using foot pedals. In most cases, that's two pedals on the floor to keep things simple. But what if you need to do more with less? Double Tap unlocks additional functions by simply pressing the same foot pedal twice.

Double Tap works with every type of trigger in OnSong including foot pedal presses, screen taps, MIDI input, and sticky notes. This means you can double your control.

To use Double Tap, you first need to be an OnSong Premium member. This gives you access to all the premium features. Next, assign an action to a trigger as you normally would. At the bottom of the Actions Menu, tap on the Double Tap tab to assign an different action. That's it! You can now tap once with the original action, and tap twice for another action.

When you assign a double tap action, the single tap action will incur a slight delay of a few milliseconds in order to determine if a single tap or a double tap was intended. Do not use Double Tap if you intend to use a time-sensitive action on the single tap.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 12, 2020