User Manual

Pitch Pipe

OnSong can automatically play the pitch of your song through an action.

By default, OnSong will play the pitch of the key of the song. However, you can also use the pitch tag in your song to customize the notes that are played to get you started. For instance, in addition to playing a single root note of the key, you could play a chord. If your chart is in the key of A, you could set the pitch tag to:

{pitch: A C# E}

You can also optional specify the octave of the pitch by adding a number after the note like the following:

{pitch: A4 C#5 E5}

When you perform the action through a foot pedal, screen tap, sticky note, etc, the pitch is output using a clean sine wave tone.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on January 29, 2024