User Manual

Song Viewer

The song viewer pane displays how the song will look inside of OnSong. You can scroll this pane to view the entire song. Use the toolbar to toggle features and palettes on and off.

Note: If you are viewing a file that is not text-based, it is up to the web browser if and how the file will be displayed. Most web browsers can view PDF files in a browser window, but other documents such as Microsoft Word will be downloaded to your computer for viewing in a separate application.

Low Light

Click on this button to toggle low light mode on and off. Not only does this show you how the chord chart will look in the preview, but when you save your changes the host device will also switch to low light mode too.


Click on this button to toggle viewing the chord chart on physical pages. This will divide your song based on the Page Layout options you've set in settings. This can give you an idea of how the chord chart will print.


When you turn on lead, action you make in Console like changing songs, scrolling and selecting sections also take place on the host device. This allows Console to remotely control another iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.


When you turn on follow, Console will load the currently viewed song on the host device. In addition, the screen will scroll along with any changes made on the host device. This is handy for knowing the song that is loaded on the device.

Note that follow may not be available if your network disallows web sockets from running. Please try disabling and enabling Console again and refreshing the browser window.


This opens and closes the Style Palette, allowing you to style how the song should appear in the preview and on the device.


This opens and closes the Chords Palette so you can transpose, capo, and change the way chords and diagrams appear on the screen.

View As...

When viewing external files such as a PDF, this will display the PDF in the preview pane. You can switch between that and the text-based version of the song similar to the Use the imported file instead of OnSong switch in the Conversion Toolbar of the Song Editor.


Click on the down arrow to choose a format to download the chord chart in. This will use the host device to create the file so be sure to save your changes first.


Click on the print button to have the host device generate the print-ready PDF file and print it from your computer. This will prompt you to save your changes before printing.

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