User Manual

Add Menu

You can use this menu to add songs, books, and sets to your library. In addition, if the menu appears when selecting an item in the sidebar, you can also delete that item. The following actions are available.

Add Song

The add song menu item reveals two ways in which you can add songs to your library.

  • Add New will open the New Song Palette where you can set a song title, artist, and create the OnSong or ChordPro format in the song editor.
  • Import Files will open the Import Files Palette where you can select one or more files to be imported into your library.

Add Book

Selecting this option will open the Add Book Palette to enter a name and create the book.

Add Set

Selecting this option will open the Add Set Palette to enter an optional set title and date for the set to create a new one.


Selecting the delete option (where available) will delete the selected book or set from the library after a prompt. This option is not available when selecting the + button at the bottom of the sidebar.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 10, 2019