User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that you may have before purchasing, or when using OnSong Console.

Does Console work on Windows or just Mac?
OnSong Console works on both Windows and Mac, and most likely Linux too. It just requires a modern web browser that supports the HTML 5 and CSS 3 web standards.
Do I need to purchase Console for every device I own?
No. OnSong Console is purchased either as an in-app purchase, or is included in your OnSong Premium subscription. These are both available on multiple devices as long as you are signed in with your Apple ID or OnSong account.
My computer is wired to my network, but my iPad is wireless. Will Console still work?
Yes. As long as both devices are on the same computer network, a wired connection or wireless shouldn't matter. However, some routers set up different networks for each of these access methods. You will want to consult your network equipment user manual for more details on merging the networks if there are issues.
Both my devices are on the same network but I only get a blank screen in my web browser. Why?
OnSong Console works by turning your iPad or iPhone into a mini web server which may not be appreciated by some networks. Please try the following if you are having trouble connecting to Console:
  1. Ensure that your iPad or iPhone is on and OnSong is running. Console requires OnSong to be running in order to communicate.
  2. Disable and enable Console from the Console screen in the Utilities menu, or restart your iPad. In some cases, the web address that is shown may not be correct, especially when switching between networks.
  3. Make sure you are typing in the web address correctly. You must add the http:// before the four-part number called an IP address, and include the colon with the port number (5076).
  4. OnSong Console operates on ports 80, 5076 and 5077. Some networks may block traffic on these ports. Log into your router and be sure to allow these ports to be active on the network. Some corporate networks do not permit other services to be running. Check with your IT staff to see if you are allowed to run console in that environment.
  5. If you are running a firewall on the computer, temporarily disable it to make sure that it is not inhibiting traffic.
  6. Try a different network to see if that helps resolved the issue.
Can I use my iPhone or iPad hotspot connection instead of a WiFi access point to use Console?
Yes. Turn on the hotspot in your device's Settings screen and use the WiFi option. Bluetooth or USB will not work. Connect your computer to the hotspot network, and connect your device if it is not already the hotspot. Keep in mind that some carrier may charge you for hotspot connectivity.
My Console screen is telling me to type in and it doesn't work. Any ideas? is essentially the iPad or iPhone referring to itself and is caused by the network IP address not being able to be resolved. Go into the Console screen and disable and enable the console again to see if that refreshes to a different web address. You can also go into the Share menu » Connect » Servers and use the IP address found under your device's name.
My Console screen is telling me to type in an IP address that starts with 169...* and it doesn't work. Any ideas?
IP addresses in this range are often generated in the event that proper DHCP (the assignment of IP addresses on a network) has failed. You may need to go into your network settings and renew the lease to force the network to assign a different IP address, if one is available.
Why is the "Follow" button disabled in OnSong Console?
The follow button in Console requires the operation of Web Sockets. This is a special way for two devices to directly communicate over a network. The Follow button is disabled when the OnSong web socket server cannot be started. This may be caused by too many devices using the socket port on the network or due to a network security setting.
What web browsers does Console work with?
OnSong Console is an HTML 5, web-based application. This means that it works on modern web browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Different browsers have their quirks and we are continuing to refine around these. Older versions of Internet Explorer will definitely have some issues.
I'm getting just the opening screen with the OnSong logo and it gets stuck. Why?
OnSong Console requires Javascript to be enabled in order to communicate with your device. Make sure that Javascript is enabled in your web browser's preferences and that no additional security plugins are preventing Javascript from operating.
OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 19, 2023