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Without You

Without You
Wynand Hansen
Key: F
Tempo: 67
Time: 4/4
Book: Restoration
Number: 7
Copyright: © 2015 Wynand Hansen

Fsus4      F     Fsus4      F

Verse 1:
Fsus4    F             Fsus4       F
O I need You more than words could ever say
Fsus4     F                         Fsus4           F
I want to know You more than a song would ever say

C           Dm           Bb2         F
Nothing can satisfy like You do, I’m lost in You
C          Dm           Bb
No one can fill me like You do

F         C
I won’t dream without You my Lord
Dm             Bb
I won’t breathe when I’m far from You
F              C
In this heart only You will reign
Dm         Bb
I hold on to Your promises

Verse 2:
Fsus4    F                     Fsus4           F
May I be blunt and ask for You to take me in
Fsus4 F                     Fsus4              F
My heart goes under when it feels like You are far
(To Prechorus)

F     Em     Dm     Bb     F     Em     Dm     Bb
(To Chorus)

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