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Wynand Hansen; Denise Hansen
Key: B
Time: 4/4
Tempo: 126
Book: Restoration
Number: 2
Copyright: © 2015 Wynand Hansen

B      E       G#m       F#      (4 Measures)

Verse 1:
B               E                           G#m           F#
Loveless actions, do we carry judgment all around? All around.
B                                E                          G#m
Where is this Grace that shares, the beauty of the Cross so sweet?
Where has it gone?

E                    F#
And now we pray that You      will

B                                    E
Let our hearts be filled with peace, a never ending love for You
G#m                               F#
So the world may see You reign, reign in us.
B                               E
Give us strength to carry on, even when darkness try to hide
G#m                    F#           B     E     G#m     F#
All the promises You made to restore. Restore.

Verse 2:
B                    E                             G#m
Our words destructive, why do we hurt the ones You love
Ones You love.
B                   E                           G#m
This world is broken, Lord we wait for You to restore
Come restore
(To Pre-Chorus)

E              B                            G#m           F#
All our actions, are seen by those we don’t see. We don’t see.
E                  G#m                     B              F#
Let our hearts prayer be to love and to forgive those You love.
(To Pre-Chorus)

B      E       G#m      F#

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