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Be Still

Be Still
Diana Rose Dawson; W. Zachary Taylor
Key: A
Tempo: 72
Time: 4/4
Book: Restoration
Number: 8
Copyright: © 2015 Wynand Hansen

A2    D2    A2    D2

Verse 1:
A2             D2                        A2
Stillness, the place where I can be with You alone
D2                     A2
Where every part of me is fully known
Where I am home
A2       D2                        A2
Resting, knowing you will come and fill this space
D2                  A2
Where the noise inside my head can be replaced
Esus  D2
Where I’m em-braced

Prechorus 1:
E/G#         A               D2
I‘m emptying myself to enter in
E                A2/C#    Esus4
In your presence now I am new again

A             E/G#
Let everything be stripped away
F#m      Esus4                D2
Lord let nothing keep me from You
A                  E/G#
With every breath, each word I pray
F#m    Esus4        D2
Let my ears be open to You
Bm7                 E2
Let me be still, be still

Verse 2:
A2           D2                       A2
Jesus, You always hear me when I call Your name
D2                         A2
When nothing else is guaranteed to stay
Esus4 D2
You remain

Prechorus 2:
E/G#       A                     D2
Your the silent strength, I need within
E                A2/C#    D2  Esus
In Your presence now I am new again
(To Chorus)

A2     D2     A2     D2
(To Prechorus 2)

A2     D2     A2     D2

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