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Trey Hill
Book: Fearless
Number: 5
Copyright: ©2018 Trey Hill Band

A   E   D   A   E

Verse 1:
A                 F#m
The greatest of loves gave up His life for us
D                         A      E
And poured out His all to bring us to glory
A                   F#m
The Hope of the world is holding me in His hand
D               A
And guiding my life now and forever

E       F#m    D
You are all my heart could ever need

A                            E
Worthy, worthy of all that’s within me
Matchless with wonder unending
A     E
There’s no one like You Lord
A                                E
Mercy reaching as high as the heavens
Jesus You’re faithful forever
A     E
There’s no one like You Lord

Verse 2:
A F#m
My one desire to give You my life and more
For all that You’ve done oh there’s no one more worthy, Lord

E                               F#m            A
Your love fills my soul to sing Your grace fills my every need
E                                        D      A
And Jesus You’re worthy of more than I could bring
(Repeat 4x)

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