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When You Come Again

When You Come Again
Trey Hill
Book: Fearless
Number: 7
Copyright: ©2018 Trey Hill Band

Verse 1:
E                   E/A    E
Hope is coming with Your returning
E/A     E                B
Creation's longing for Your touch
E            E/A E
We are waiting, anticipating
E/A       E                           B
Until the day that, that You come for us

When You come again with love everlasting
Bursting forth and breaking the darkness
A                                   E   B
Jesus You will fill our hearts with joy

Verse 2:
E/A     E              E/A      E
Your love is showing - Your Spirit's flowing
E/A       E                  B
Your Kingdom's growing - among us now
E                      E/A      E
Death's defeated - The grave is cheated
E/A     E                          B
'Cause You are King and - You are Lord of all
(Chorus 2x)

Father, open our eyes to see all You're doing
Open our lungs to breath in Your life
A                                    E     B
Open our hearts to fill us with joy again

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