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The Cross (My Refuge)

The Cross (My Refuge)
Trey Hill
Book: Fearless
Number: 4
Copyright: ©2018 Trey Hill Band

Verse 1:
E                      C#m                       B              A
The only place that my soul can find  where I can hide my life - oh it’s You
E                       C#m                     B                  A
It’s in Your shadow that my soul can dwell where my defenses fell - I’m safe in You

A               E B             A               E/G# G#m
Oh the cross - my only refuge - Oh the blood - my only pe - ace
A          B      C#m        A       E      B
Oh the King - the only Savior - Has come to rescue me

Verse 2:
E                     C#m                            B         A
The only truth for my heart to know - there’s nowhere else to go but to You
E               C#m                     B                   A
I see Your love in Your promises in every Word You said so I’ll run to You

A    A    B    B   C#m  E/G# (2x)

A                         B
You’ve taken my ashes, You’ve taken my failures
C#m                   E/G#
You’ve covered them all - all with Your embrace
A                      B
All of my heartaches - All of my vices
C#m                      E/G#
Have fallen into - the chasm of Your grace
A    B                C#m           E/G#
Let praises arise   Let all of creation lift You high
A    B                  C#m             B
Let praises arise   You gave up Your life to give me mine

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