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All Things New

You Hear Me

You Hear Me
Rivers & Robots
Key: Db
CCLI: 7046597
Author: Written by Rivers & Robots
Copyright: ©2014 Set Sail Music (PRS). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
Number: 6
Book: All Things New

Lord You ways are higher than my
Mind could ever reach but still you call me
Gb/Bb    B          Db
To come and speak with You

B                     Ebm            Db
And now I speak straight to the King above all Kings
B                 Ebm             Db
And I know that You are always listening
B             Ebm           Db
And You hear me, oh I know You hear me

B    Ebm    Db

Db                  Dsus4
If you give to me a crown
Db               Dsus4
Then at your feet I'll lay it down

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