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All Things New

Voice That Stills The Raging Sea

Voice That Stills The Raging Sea
Rivers & Robots
Key: D
CCLI: 7046602
Author: Written by Rivers & Robots
Copyright: ©2014 Set Sail Music (PRS). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
Number: 11
Book: All Things New

DM7            G    A
Wake up, we're only at the start of it
G    A      DM7
We're only at the edge of the ocean
G       A      DM7
And there's eternity to go

And even in my searching
A7                    G         DM7
I know I'm only ever really just beginning
And even though You're endless
A7                              DM7
Lord, my joy is in the searching of Your heart

Verse 2:
Father, Your peace surpasses everything
All thoughts and understanding
As I trust upon Your name

And even on this ocean
A                           G         DM7
With the waves all crashing over and around me
I put my trust in Your love
A                                 DM7
For Your voice has stilled the savagest of storms

Em                    A7                    DM7
So let Your voice that stills the raging sea speak over me

A7          Em     DM7
Speak peace , wo-oh

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