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All Things New

Keep My Fire Burning

Keep My Fire Burning
Rivers & Robots
Key: Gb
CCLI: 7046599
Author: Written by Rivers & Robots
Copyright: ©2014 Set Sail Music (PRS). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
Number: 8
Book: All Things New

Gb      Abm  Gb
Keep my fire burning
Gb      Abm  Gb
Keep my love aflame
Gb      Abm    Gb
Keep my spirit yearning
Abm      Gb        Abm Gb
Til your returning my God

Dbsus4    Ebm7    Abm7 (x2)
(Repeat Chorus)

Dbsus4    Ebm7    Abm7 (x3 then)
Abm/Gb    Gb
Abm/Gb    Gb

With all my heart and
All my soul and
All my strength I
Give You love

Abm7    Abm7/Gb    Abm7/F    Abm7/Eb
Dbsus2    Dbsus2/B    Dbsus2/Bb    Dbsus2/Ab

So I lean not on my own understanding
And I place my hope in a love that's everlasting
So find faith in me
From now until eternity I'm Yours
I am Yours

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