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All My Heart

Burn over Me

Burn over Me
Renae Bartosik
Key: D
Tempo: 67
Book: All My Heart
Number: 2
Copyright: © 2014 Renae Bartosik
Flow: Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, Instrumental, Verse 1, Verse 2, (2x), Chorus, Bridge, Ending, Instrumental

[D]           [D/G]          [D/F#]            [D/G]

Verse 1:
I see the [D]tears you shed laced with [D/G]passion
Your eyes [D/F#]burn for me in divine attrac[D/G]tion

Verse 2:
You [Bm7]burn [A/C#]over [Dsus4]me,  [D] You [Bm7]burn [A]over [D]me

F#   A    B    [G]            D    C#   A   [D]          C#   A   B   [G]       D   C#  A   [D]
F#   A    B    [G]            D    C#   A   [D]          C#   A   B   [G]       D   G  F#   [D]

Your [Bm]jealous love it burns in me
It [GMaj7]fills me up and sets me free
Your [Bm]eyes that burn with blazing fire
[Em]  They con[Asus4]sume [A]me  (low) (mid) (high) (1x instrumental)

[GMaj7]You don't see my shame, [D/F#]You only see my [Asus4]worth,
[Bm]You only [D/A]look at me through  [GMaj7]  re[A]deemed eyes...

[Bm]   When You [A]look at me  [GMaj7]  You see [A]beauty...
[Bm]   And when You [A]look at me  [GMaj7]  You see right [A]through me...

[Bm]   You see [D/F#]fire,  [GMaj7]   a world [Asus4]changer,
[Bm]   You see [A]passion,  [Bm/G]   A world [A]shaker
(2x + 1x instrumental)

[G]   I'll [Bm]never be the [A]same,  [GMaj7/B]  my [Bm]life forever [A]changed

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