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The Bootlegger

The Bootlegger (The Ballad of Marciano Campos)

The Bootlegger (The Ballad of Marciano Campos)
P. Ramirez
Key: Am
Tempo: 94
Book: The Bootlegger
Number: 1
Copyright: © 2017. Nu Latin Records. All Rights Reserved. Just PR Music Publishing (BMI)

Verse 1:
Am   F   G   Am   (1x)

He was born in the South of Texas
Not far from Mexico
North of the Rio Grande
In a town called San Diego.

He learned to fight to be
a man To be what he could be
He did what he had to do
To provide for his family.

If he was an Outlaw
He had nothing to lose
Cause he knew that right or wrong
It’s what he had to choose.

C    G    F    E   (1x)

He smuggled alcohol into the U. S. A.
At a time when things where tough
And prohibition was under way.
From 1922 to 1933

The Rangers tried to get him
But he managed to stay free...
The bootlegger way.

Verse 2:
Am   F    G    Am   (1x)

Well they knew that he was coming
With a load of alcohol
So they tried to surprise him
But it didn't work at all.

He ran into the brush
As the Rangers followed him
Shooting at his hat
That was sitting on a limb.

He jumped into his Model-T
And headed into town
While the Rangers tried to figure out
Why he was nowhere to be found.

(Repeat Chorus)

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