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Lovesick Loverboy

What Has Happened To Our Love

What Has Happened To Our Love
Max Dixon
Key: Am
Number: 3
Book: Lovesick Loverboy
Copyright: © 2017 Max Hinson

Verse 1:
Am                               G
Throughout the time we've been together
Dm                       E7
I've never had one doubt whatsoever
Am                          G
But now I'm noticing you've changed dear
Dm                         E7
A different feeling when I hold you near

Dm   E7     Am    Fm     E7
What has happened to our love
F            E7                  Am
Tell me what has happened to our love

Verse 2:
Am                           G
Guess I'm no longer, what is wanted
Dm                         E7
I’ve just been cast aside, the love's exhausted
Am                              G
Don't have to tell me that it's over
Dm                                    E7
I know these teardrops will still get exposure


Oh how I hope that the game will change
All those feelings, rearranged
Dm                           E7
But you're fading faster walking to the door


Am     G      Dm      E7
Dm     E7     Am
A7     E7     Dm      E7

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