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Lovesick Loverboy

Loveless Arrangement

Loveless Arrangement
Max Hixon
Key: G
Number: 5
Book: Lovesick Loverboy
Copyright: © 2017 Max Hinson

Verse 1:
Oh the ink isn't dry on the page of your lie love letter
But there you go, fun with him makes you feel much better
You know it's true that he doesn't give a damn like I do
D                                          G
He's just a game, I'm just lame for loving you

Verse 2:
You don't care 'cause I'm not there giving you attention
It's all the same, a different name that you fail to mention
Hear on the phone you're not alone I just know he's with you
I won't regret, should I forget, what else can I do

C               G
Your loveless arrangement
D              Em
Is more than a cruel affair
C              G
You don't hide it, say I'm guilty
D           Em           D
Don't blame me don't you dare

Verse 3:
Your life's a storm
He’ll keep you warm that's what you tell yourself it's a bit of fun
It's just begun, you’ll put me on that shelf
It's all a lie
Kiss love goodbye 'cause now we are through it's just a shell
You know it well and you'll feel so blue

C                      G
Well it's good to know where I stand
D                                Am
And I won't compete against your loverman
C                    G
Oh let it out there, show your hand
D                            Em              D
Was it all just part of your little plan for me

Verse 4:
Oh the ink wasn't dry
On the page of your lie love letter
But there you go, fun with him made you feel much better
You know it's true that he didn't give a damn like I do
You were the game and he broke your heart for you

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