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Lovesick Loverboy

Loneliest Man

Loneliest Man
Max Hixon
Key: Dm
Number: 4
Book: Lovesick Loverboy
Copyright: © 2017 Max Hinson

Verse 1:
Dm       A7    Dm
When you gonna get here baby
Dm       A7
When you gonna arrive
I been standing at this bar forever
A7                                 Dm
My buddies all think that you're a lie
Dm       A7      Dm
The pain is deep inside me
Dm                   A7
So sad that my tears don't flow
I want you here so badly
A7                     Dm
My feelings I can’t control

I've been crying for you to show your face
I'm the loneliest man in this crowded place
Dm    A7   Dm
Ooooh Oooh Oooh
Dm    A7   Dm
Ooooh Oooh Oooh

Verse 2:
Well I’m not used to heartache
And I’m not used to pain
But as I watched you walk with him
Tear drops began to rain

You think you’ve got a better offer
You think he's gonna treat you right
But he’s the meanest treater in the city
But hey you're not my fight

(Repeat Chorus)

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