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Lovesick Loverboy

Dream On

Dream On
Max Hixon
Key: D
Number: 9
Book: Lovesick Loverboy
Copyright: © 2017 Max Hinson

Verse 1:
D                    Bm
Ooh well you guessed it I’ve fell in love
Em                 A
But she don't feel the same
D                     Bm
She’s everything that I need and more
Em                        A
So I guess I’m the one to blame

Oh she/I said
D     Bm
Dream on baby
G     A
Dream on on on on
D     Bm
Dream on baby
G     A
Dream on

Verse 2:
D                   Bm
When I asked as you do whatcha doin’ tonight
Em                  A
She just knocked me back
D                        Bm
She said I’m gonna go to the movie show
Em                           A
With a big strong man called Jack

Well guess sometimes
We just get it wrong
G              D
And she’s not meant for me
G         D      Bm
But it’s funny how things can turn around
Em                      A
Like they were meant to be

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