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The Sound of Your Name

I Run To You

I Run To You
Jason Squires
Key: G
Book: The Sound of Your Name
Number: 4
CCLI: #7057956

Verse 1:
Great are Your ways Oh God
No one can fathom all You are
C                                Em
Justice and mercy meet unending grace

Verse 2:
God who brings forth the dawn
Shining through each and every dark
You restore all when hope is gone

I will tell of your endless wonder
How you breathe in me new life
D                                          C
I will sing of your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night

G              Em
You are holy, You are worthy
C    D               G
God of glory, Lord I run to You
G                  Em
You are glorious, Reigning over us
C    D                    G
Ever victorious, Lord I run to You

Verse 3:
God who names every star
High King of heaven I praise in awe
Redeemer and healer of every heart

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