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You Saved Me

One Touch

One Touch
Christin Roach
Key: D
Duration: 5:12
Tempo: 68
Time: 4/4
Book: You Saved Me
Number: 2
Copyright: 2016 Fountain of Life Ministries

Verse 1:
G                D        C
Before You I was lost and abandoned
Em        D                 C
Wandering alone through the Valley of Death
Em                 D
I was searching for some meaning
I was looking for the truth
Then You found me
Then You found me

G             D
With just one touch of Your garment
Em            D        C
Just one taste of Your goodness Lord
G               D
Just one glimpse of Your Glory
Em       D        C
And I know I'm found in You
Em       D        C
I'll always be lost and found in You

Verse 2:
G               D
Then You came along
Em           D          C
And You placed a new song in my heart
Em       D             C
Now I know the sound of Your voice
Em       D            C
I know the beat of Your heart
Em       D   G        D             C
I know the overwhelming power of Your love

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