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Glory & Fire

Pour Your Spirit Out

Pour Your Spirit Out
Dave Wellington
Key: G
Book: Glory & Fire
Number: 7
Copyright: © 2007 Run Deep Music

Am/G    G          Em
There's a need in me to draw closer
Am             C/D     D
So I'm pressing in to find You
Am/G  G          Em
There's a hunger for Your presence
Am              C/D  D
For more than just a glimpse here of glory

Am   G D/F#
So pour Your Spirit out
Pour Your Spirit out
G/B     Am             D
Oh wash over my heart again
C/G  G   E7b9
Lord, I need You
Am   G   D/F#
Pour Your Spirit out
G/B   C    G/B
Pour Your Spirit out
Am                    D
Let the rain of Your presence fall
I long for You

Lord I'm hungry
Lord I'm thirsty
C               Am
Lord I long for You

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