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Glory & Fire

Pour Out the Fragrance

Pour Out the Fragrance
Dave Wellington
Key: Bb
Book: Glory & Fire
Number: 8
Copyright: © 2008 Run Deep Music

Bb   Gm   Bb   Gm

Bb                    Gm
This is the season    of heaven's arrival
Bb                       Gm
Earth's being readied    to see a revival
Eb                   F
So blow Holy Spirit and fan into flame
Eb/G                      Cm     Bb/D Eb  Fsus4 F
The embers of lives that have burned for Your name
Eb                  F
As incense arises from worship and praise
Eb/G                   Cm     Bb/D Eb Fsus4
The cry of our song, Lord, revive us again!

Pour out the fragrance
Bb F/A  Gm
The sweet smelling scent of Your name
F/A Bb
The presence, anointing,
F/A  Gm
The power and strength of Your name
Eb       Fsus4
Je sus, Oh Jesus.

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