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Barrie Dempsey

Rivers Run

Rivers Run
Barrie Dempsey
Key: G
Tempo: 132
Number: 1
Book: Barrie Dempsey
Copyright: © 2015 Barrie G. Dempsey

Verse 1:
G                G/F#
In a world where nothin' lasts
G/E          G/D
Real love is goin' fast
C        C/B       (lick)                     G
Standby, don't cry        We're gonna be just fine
G                      G/F#
Remember all that your livin' for
G/E            C/B
take a chance, hit the floor
C          C/B                            G
Find time, don't lie, take it all in this time

C                        G
And the river always flows right by
C                        G
The birds in the trees still fly
C                     D                    G
And you're always gonna be in my heart 'til the day I die
C                       G
So, the river always runs right through
C                   G
There's nothin' anybody can do
C                        D          G
and no one's gonna change my mind about you

Verse 2:
G                 G/F#
Who says that you can't find love
G/E          G/D
Look inside, look above
C        C/B                       G
One day, I say, It'll come finding you
G              G/F#
Someday with a little luck,
G/E                    G/D
around the corner in a pickup truck
C           C/B                                          G
You'll see, she'll be, (they'll be) looking right at you too

Bm7           C             G             D
Maybe all you need to do is find a way to breathe
Bm7                  C                 G     D
Then take it all the best way that you can
Bm7                     C            G                D
When all the hard times come around, makes you wanna leave
C             D            G
You gotta give it one more try again

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