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Barrie Dempsey

Chase Me Down

Chase Me Down
Barrie Dempsey
Key: G
Tempo: 158
Number: 2
Book: Barrie Dempsey
Copyright: © 2015 Barrie G. Dempsey
Tuning: Drop D

Verse 1:
G                 Em
I wound up on the freeway
C                  G
chasing the double line
Bm                      Em
Big red cherry flashin' after me
C                       G
I know he wasn't losin' time
G                Em        C                 G
Pull that pickup over son, you ain't got the speed
Bm              Em          C                         G
If we loose you in the dirt you know we're gonna make you bleed

Em        C
Chase me down your never gonna get it
G                  D
I'm wanted now dead or alive
Em       C
Chase me down I'm tryin' to forget it but
G                  D
I'm wanted by the FBI
Em                 C
Chase me down they're gonna send me off to prison and
G                  D
I'm never gonna see my wife
Em       C               G
Chase me down and you can save my life

Verse 2:
G            Em
I ran out of freeway
C                         G
Seems like it was just in time
Bm                          Em
Crashed right through those barricades
C                G
and fourteen caution signs
G                  Em             C                 G
Tried to slow that pickup down it just had too much punch
Bm           Em               C            G
If I lose it in the dirt I'll also lose my lunch

Em          G           Em          G         Em  C  D
(Repeat Verse 1, Chorus, You can save my... Repeat)

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