OnSong Manual

Chord Inspector

The chord inspector appears when a chord or chord diagram is tapped in the Song Viewer. This allows you to see various ways to place the chord on different instruments.

Viewing Chords

You can scroll through variations of a chord by swiping left to right in the viewer.

Selecting Chords

Tap on a diagram in the viewer to select it as the preferred variation for the song. When you select a song, the chord can be played back using a sound bank.

Playing Chords

Tap on the speaker icon in the upper left corner to toggle chord playback on and off. Playback does require a sound bank to be installed. You can purchase sound banks in the Add-Ons Screen. You can alter the way chords are played under the Utilities Menu Settings Live Settings Chord Playback.

Editing Chords

Tap on the Edit button in the upper right corner to open the Chord Diagram Library with the selected chord loaded.

Choosing an Instrument

Choose an instrument in the tab bar on the bottom of the chord inspector to view chords for that instrument. Supported instruments are:

v. 1.999