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Release Notes

OnSong 2024

OnSong 2024 was released on June 10, 2024. Here's what's new with details about each release:


OnSong Cloud
brings new services to your OnSong account like automatic cloud backup and OnSong Drive for transferring files.
Unified Share Menu
makes it easier than ever to share with your band by taking the guess work out of file formats, delivery, and scheduling.
Unified Rendering Engine
called "R2" gives you more formatting options including columns, vertical diagrams, and consistent viewing and printing across platforms.
Inline Formatting
lets you make formatting changes to individual words and phrases including links, font changes, and more.
Advanced Text Formatting
lets you make changes to sections and aspects of all your songs, or make the changes song-specific.
Energy Management
settings now allow you to dim the screen after a period of non-use to reduce battery usage.
Clock and Timer Widgets
for showing the time or countdowns for songs or sets.
Planning Center Integration
has been reimagined to be easier to use.
Single Sign-on
lets you sign into OnSong, Apple ID, Google, our PraiseCharts account.
Right-To-Left Language Support
for Arabic and Hebrew in the new renderer.