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Release Notes

OnSong 2020.7.9

OnSong 2020.7.9 was released on April 14, 2021. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • Added the ability to move drawings altogether using a move tool.


  • Changed the way Quick Pick works to add a song as the next item in a set even if it already exists in the set.
  • Changed how changes to sets are made to reduce overhead and not serialize and send the set if there are no recipients.


  • Fixed an issue in console where changing font color doesn’t get updated on the device.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the title of a song is not updating in a book.
  • Fixed an issue where jump to section does not automatically scroll the section into view unless the Scroll to Selected Section setting is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where ChordPro section labels were not appearing in print preview due to prefixing syntax.
  • Fixed an issue where autoscroll stops when you tap on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the timeline and other changes to the song will not save if the app is terminated.
  • Fixed an issue where non-functioning IP addresses are being returned from the service list that can effect OnSong Connect connectivity.
  • Fixed an issue where the set list continues to display in heads-up display when switching from a set to a song in All Songs or a book.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a song when only one result is found during a search in the songs menu.
  • Fixed an issue when connecting to MIDI Bluetooth devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the song metadata animated into place when completing a drawing.
  • Fixed an issue where updating the text of a note and the cursor jumps to the end of the text.
  • Fixed an issue with changing settings causes the login screen to appear in OnSong Pro.
  • Fixed an issue where square brackets in copyright information is causing keys to remain undetected.
  • Fixed an issue where imported files are deleted when combined with loaned songs.
  • Fixed an issue where the error message returned when signing in does not appear correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where lyrics are being bracketed when text files are imported.
  • Fixed an issue where MIDI commands are sent again when the app is minimized.
  • Fixed an issue with custom ordering of set lists inside of a folder.
  • Fixed an issue where Philips Hue v2 bridge could not connect when not connected to the Internet.
  • Fixed an issue where free users are logged in but disconnecting from the Internet causes a logout scenario.
  • Fixed an issue when using OnSong Connect where pedals take multiple presses to start working on follower devices.
  • Fixed an issue where scaling a document does not effect stage monitor mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll duration of a connected device would not use the default scroll duration for that device.
  • Fixed an issue where songs are transferring between libraries.
  • Fixed an issue where performing the toggle action from a foot pedal does not function with crossfading audio tracks.
  • Fixed a crash condition when dragging and dropping a file from email app into set.
  • Fixed a crash condition when a set folder is dragged and dropped above the All Sets collection.
  • Fixed a crash condition when attempting to save annotation changes in the background.