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Release Notes

OnSong 2018.5

OnSong 2018.5 was released on November 18, 2018. user manual updates.
The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • New! Get Support screen that appends the current set, book, or song and integrates in helpdesk workflow. »
  • New! Support for the new Apple Pencil 2 to switch between tools using the double tap feature.
  • New! Change the visibility and size of section labels in Style Preferences » Format. »


  • Added support for the new Apple Pencil 2 to switch between tools using the double tap feature.
  • Added the ability to sort sets using a menu of options. »
  • Added the ability to sort set lists using a menu of options including by song number. »
  • Added the ability to search for tracks using "Starts With" or "Contains" instead of "Exact Match" since most songs have parenthesis like (Live) or (Featuring...). »
  • Added the ability to use old song picker method when pulling sets. »
  • Added the ability to configure document defaults in settings. »
  • Added an option to allow the Solfege Type to be selected between fixed and movable do. »
  • Added transposing instrument as a customizable option in Connect » Profile. »
  • Added the ability to change style preferences document settings using a wrench icon.»
  • Added the transposing instrument picker to the Console add-on. »
  • Added the diagram position selection to the Console add-on. »
  • Added the ability to change the visibility and size of section labels in the Style palette in the Console add-on. »
  • Added the ability to have metronome stop when changing to another song. »
  • Added a spinner to the song editor screen during conversion.


  • Changed menus to hide before screen rotation to avoid misalignment when running under iOS 12.
  • Changed the way fonts are handled to use accessibility settings better.
  • Changed the Send Diagnostics screen to capture more information more effectively and renamed to Get Support.
  • Changed bumpers to appear when the top of bottom of the page is reached so to not require an extra pedal press.
  • Changed the external video picker screen to allow selection of higher and other resolutions when connected to an external video device.
  • Changed the key chooser in the style preferences menu to localize keys according to chord rules.
  • Changed the name of the Italian chord style to solfege. (do, re, mi, ...) »
  • Changed the placement of Detect Chords In Lyrics to Settings » Import Settings » Text File Handling
  • Changed how enharmonic preferences work for accidental chords in Nashville notation to place the sharp before the chord so that D#9 becomes #19.
  • Changed the placement of the Stop Metronome feature to be located on the same level of audio and video settings.
  • Changed the Rewrite into Key menu in the Song Editor to allow transposition into theoretical keys when enabled in settings.
  • Changed the "Enable Low Light Mode" setting to just "Low Light Mode".
  • Changed the placement of some document settings from Song Formatting to the Style Preferences » Document section.
  • Changed the placement of font family from the Style Preferences » Format section to Style Preferences » Document section.
  • Changed the terms for visibility and font size to be consistent in Settings » Menu Settings » Style Preferences » Format ».
  • Changed the random song action to not include the same song twice in the same collection (set, book, etc)
  • Changed the song editor to close the navigation menu and show the song when saved.
  • Changed the state API call to accept multiple properties and execute them in the correct order.
  • Changed the app to include the scenes add-on.


  • Updated to latest AirTurn framework.
  • Updated the BT200 configuration screen to playback the AirTurn BT200|S-2 video.


  • Fixed an issue with sorting sets by date does so in ascending order instead of descending order.
  • Fixed an issue where style preferences are not being saved when using the vertical menubar in tacked mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the capo is not being changed when songs with no capo are encountered and using the vertical menubar when tacked.
  • Fixed an issue where transposing would not function when the transposed instrument is set to default as the default value was an out-of-range number.
  • Fixed an issue where if you are viewing PDF documents and switch to text only that the song does not update.
  • Fixed an issue where swiping from the left to show the vertical menubar prevents the set from being swiped.
  • Fixed an issue where foot pedals would drop out after accessing the external video media selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the heads up display switches back when the song/set option is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dropbox authentication screen would fail on iOS 10 due to a change in iOS 12.
  • Fixed a crash condition when logging into SongSelect when the user has more than one organization on iOS 10.
  • Fixed an issue with the song title appear over the PDF chord chart on iOS 9 and 10.
  • Fixed an issue where the title stays visible in the middle of the screen with Word DOCX files.
  • Fixed an issue where the Share > Open as PDF file in another app would not respect output options.
  • Fixed an issue where songs are not saved in a set when using the star icon to add to set.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong tab in the set list is being displayed (active, archived, remote).
  • Fixed an issue when changing the items in a list where the quality displayed in the list of sets would not change.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping in the middle of the screen on an iPhone X does not show hide the menubar.
  • Fixed an issue with MIDI delay resulting in an incorrect value.
  • Fixed an issue where playback audio continuity doesn’t work on iOS 12.
  • Fixed an issue when turning off "Use imported file instead of OnSong" while viewing PDF, turning it back on results in no difference when viewing song.
  • Fixed a possible crash condition when adding events within and to the end of a timeline.
  • Fixed an issue where when set list is in alphabetic order and you add songs using the picker that the added songs don’t appear in alpha order.
  • Fixed an issue with the viewport not being loaded due to changes to prevent reloading of external files.
  • Fixed an issue when importing .onsong files which contain an accented character é and î the character is removed.
  • Fixed an issue with Swedish characters not sorting properly.
  • Fixed an issue where songs are removed from a book if picking existing songs using search.
  • Fixed an issue with how tracks are found in iTunes and OnSong media libraries automatically.
  • Fixed an issue with choosing the set picking method.
  • Fixed an issue with the Eb transposition instrument not functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where moments are disappearing from sets.
  • Fixed an issue with Flic preventing files from being imported into OnSong.
  • Fixed an issue with set lists reordering every time you open when set to custom.
  • Fixed an issue where the sort button does not appear in the set view where songs are listed.
  • Fixed issue with how the external video preview was sized in vertical menubar mode.
  • Fixed an issue with viewports not being applied with external files.
  • Fixed a crash condition when choosing "Off" for automatic track linking.
  • Fixed the alignment of the song count in song lists.
  • Fixed an issue with the song count field not updating its size when font size is changed in accessibility.
  • Fixed an issue with foot pedals disconnecting when the screen is tapped on specific Microsoft Word files that capture the first responder.
  • Fixed an issue to allow devices running iOS 12 to stop running OnSong in the background.
  • Fixed an issue making changes to songs in a set list where the set has Separate Styles enabled and is not in custom order.
  • Fixed an issue where initial sorting of sets is in descending order.
  • Fixed an issue where importing video files through the songs menu results in video files as song documents.
  • Fixed issues with fitting to viewport when the interface initially loads or when switching into vertical menubar mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the note style menu does not update interface components.
  • Fixed an issue with Hm not being accepted as a key.
  • Fixed an issue where stopping the metronome only plays three beats in 4/4 measure when stopped after one measure.
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom of the songs list in the Console add-on would cut off the last song row.
  • Fixed an issue where the rule in the settings split screen overlaps the navigation bar.
  • Fixed an issue with the empty text overlapping the search field when the keyboard appears such as in the SongSelect search interface when in landscape orientation.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Detect Chords In Lyrics" setting was not being respected in Console.
  • Fixed an issue with two keys of "B" showing when setting the key in metadata due to Cb being naturalized to B.
  • Fixed an issue where the sort icon does not appear when initially viewing All Sets.
  • Fixed an issue with the languages in OnSong settings that resulted in a blank space at the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue with the SongSelect sign in button being covered when viewed on a small screen such as an iPhone 4s.
  • Fixed an issue when swiping from the edge of the screen in vertical menubar mode where the viewport shifts or results in navigating through the set.
  • Fixed an issue where the song would not transpose due to an error retrieving transposing instrument settings.
  • Fixed an issue where blackout mode shows the song label in the footer.
  • Fixed an issue where the correct artist name wasn't being displayed on the Songs List after making a change in the Song Editor.
  • Fixed an issue with how Console draws chord diagrams to show the fifth finger as a "T" for thumb.
  • Fixed an issue where the new bumpers do not work with sections basically because they will repeatedly show the "previous" one since the song isn't scrolling down, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where switching on low light mode in Stage Monitor » Custom does not apply.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between section counts when ChordPro comments are used.


  • Removed the remote repository option in the sets list due to the API being changed and not returning a set ID or songs.
  • Removed the google glass pairing tab from OnSong Connect.
  • Removed Afrikaans as a translation in settings.