Release Notes

OnSong 1.71

OnSong 1.71 was released on January 19, 2011.


  • Added the ability to duplicate a song by going into edit mode in the all songs list and tapping on the song.
  • Added the ability to choose a song updates the duration for autoscroll.
  • Added the ability to export whole books (in the edit menu choose "Edit", tap on the book and choose "Export Songs".
  • Added the ability to enter other web sites to search other than the default.
  • Added the ability that when external video is connected to allow the foot pedal controls to move to the next and previous sections instead of scrolling.
  • Added the ability to export multiple songs with checkboxes. This is an icon on the export screen that let's you pick any number of songs.
  • Added the ability to unset time signature.


  • Fixed an issue with menus becoming short because of the pedal linkage.
  • Fixed an issue by checking that the song was saved and if not, try again until success.
  • Fixed an issue where line spacing is not remembered.
  • Fixed issues with theGerman and Swedish translations.
  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth sharing.
  • Fixed and issue where existing chords in the chord picker are getting "cut off".
  • Fixed an issue where importing a database backup made a blank song for the backup.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping cancel for new notes, it should just delete the note.
  • Fixed an issue with alphabetically sorting getting reset.
  • Fixed a crash when duplicating songs.