User Manual

Image File Handling

Images imported into OnSong can either be imported into your library as songs, or be used as background images for lyrics projection. When image file types are imported, OnSong must decide where they should be placed.

If you're importing images within the Add Songs screen, OnSong will always import the image files as songs in your library. Likewise, if you import images in the Background Media Library screen, the image will be imported into the media library to be used as a background for lyrics projection.

However, if you're importing an image into OnSong from another app or a website, OnSong needs to make a decision. This settings gives you three options to choose from:

  • Automatic is the default selection where OnSong attempts to make the decision based on image analysis. With this option, if the image is in a portrait orientation, it will always be imported as a song document. If in the landscape orientation, the four corners of the image are evaluated for relative brightness. If the corners are determined to be paper-colored, the image is imported as a song document. Otherwise, the image is considered a background image.
  • Backgrounds will always import any externally-imported image into the Background Media Library.
  • Songs will always import any externally-imported image into the Songs Menu.
OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on May 18, 2017