User Manual

Search Songs

While you would normally import events from WorshipPlanning.com, you can also import individual songs from the song library.

The search bar allows you to search the songs in your WorshipPlanning.com library. Type in the search bar and tap on the Search button to begin the search. This will filter the songs in this menu for import based on their title.

Song List

Tap on the songs to place a checkmark next to the items you would like to import. Tap again to remove the checkmark and not import the song. This will be one of the song's attachments based on a list of priorities. To change the version of the song that is imported, preview it first. Tap on the Import button to begin the import.

Previewing Songs

Tap on the magnifying glass icon on the left of the row to view the version of the song that will be imported. You can use this screen to choose a different version to import.

Import Associated Backing Track

When importing songs, you can also import associated backing tracks. If this switch is enabled, the backing track will be imported into the OnSong Media Library and linked to the chord chart.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on April 17, 2017