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User Manual

Bracketed Chords

Bracketed chords are the standard method used in the OnSong File Format as well as in the ChordPro File Format. In fact, OnSong uses the bracketed chord format internally to render the chord charts to the screen or for print.

In the bracketed chord format, chords are surrounded by square brackets and placed within and on the same line as lyrics. The following is an example of bracketed chords:

A[D]mazing grace, how [G]sweet the [D]sound
That saved a wretch like [A7]me

This format can accurately place chords next to lyrics no matter what font it is written in. In addition, this format saves vertical space on the screen as well as file size due to its compact nature. It is also an optimal format for combining shorter lines into longer ones, or vice versa since the chords move with lyrics without requiring adjustments.

Keep in mind that this format is just for defining where chords should be placed. When drawn on the screen, the chords can be viewed above the lyrics. In addition, changing the font of the chord chart will not impact the placement of chords relative to lyrics unlike word processing programs.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on December 6, 2014