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Release Notes

OnSong 2020.5

OnSong 2020.5 was released on April 15, 2020. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • Added the ability to automatically move through sections with maximum lines using autoscroll when sections are highlighted.


  • Changed the lyrics widget to automatically hide the menubar and statusbar when lyrics preview is full screen and show again when minimized.
  • Changed the widget border too be invisible when made full screen.
  • Changed the way the audio playback heads-up display works with gestures.
  • Changed all the import screens to prevent anything from being selected (just highlighted) when an import is already in progress.
  • Changed the way sections are tappable to include when the lyrics preview widget is enabled.
  • Changed the chord diagram notes to follow the enharmonic preference of the song or apparent preference of the chord.
  • Changed guitar chord diagrams to use superscript for named notes if enabled in settings.


  • Fixed an issue with the chroma key instructions overlaying the resizing instructions in the live video editor.
  • Fixed an issue when using autoscroll combined with the Scroll to Tapped Section option where it keeps looping back to the title.
  • Fixed a crash condition when selecting OnSong Media Library that is empty.
  • Fixed an issue where if you have a chord diagram that has a 5th fret, it automatically moves the origin of the diagram when it should allow fifth frets.
  • Fixed an issue where the option text is not visible in the social share menu when in low light mode.
  • Fixed an issue where piano chord diagrams are not available in the chord inspector when exact matches is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with how the Bluetooth MIDI menu appears in mixed low light/dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue when in dark mode the cancel button when in iTunes media library can barely be seen.
  • Fixed an issue where autoscroll automatically selecting sections when using maximum lines.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview widget automatically goes to full screen when you leave and return to the app.
  • Fixed an issue where the chord diagrams appearing below the chord chart when performing modulation do not use the original chords.