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Release Notes

OnSong 2018.0

OnSong 2018.0 was released on August 6, 2018. user manual updates.
The following items have been added, changed or fixed:

New Features

  • New! Vertical Menubar mode lets you view your set list next to your songs.
  • New! Song Viewer lets you swipe through books, sets, or any collection of songs.
  • New! Style Preferences Menu gives you more options for songs and transposition.
  • New! Lyrics Projection formatting options for font, stroke, and shadow color.
  • New! Superscript chord formatting option.
  • New! Performance improvements when rendering content in the song viewer.


  • Added the ability to "pin" the songs list so it can stay visible. »
  • Added the ability to change key using buttons instead of a slider. »
  • Added the ability to sort song lists when choosing by artist, key, or topic. »
  • Added the ability to double tap on the navigation title to move to the bottom of the list. »
  • Added support for playing FLAC audio files. »
  • Added the ability to set a negative capo. »
  • Added baritone ukulele to the settings for instrument. »
  • Added the ability to set the chord numbering system in the style preferences menu on a per song basis. »
  • Added the ability to determine the position of chords on a per song basis. »
  • Added the ability to set the instrument of the song in the style preferences menu. »
  • Added a toolbar on import screens that are accessed from the audio and background media editors.
  • Added a "Swipe From Screen Edge" option in Settings » Navigation Settings » Swiping to allow the swiping from the edge to be disabled. »


  • Changed the versioning methodology to more accurately reflect the development patterns of OnSong.
  • Changed the underlying song viewer "desk" to be more performant.
  • Changed lyrics projection to remove extraneous spaces.
  • Changed the transpose and capo of SongSelect PDF files to not require a transposed key.
  • Changed lyrics projection to remove extraneous spaces.
  • Changed the sticky note font calculation to rescale to fit multiple lines of text.
  • Changed multiselect actions to allow selection of non-provisioned songs.
  • Changed the way provisionable songs are handled in lists, allowing them to be displayed and selected but not viewable or editable.
  • Changed the language that appears for provisionable songs that have expired or inactive subscriptions to clarify that the content provider requires the login and not OnSong.
  • Changed the MIDI LSB bank select to not be accessible unless MSB is first set.
  • Changed how the share dialogs are opened to be faster on iPhone and consistent between iPad and iPhone form devices.
  • Changed the lyrics projection system to reload settings when changed and redraw.
  • Changed autoscroll to be more reactive when stopping and reporting section changes.
  • Changed the MIDI editor and syntax to allow you to set an LSB independent of MSB.
  • Changed the way adding newly written songs works to automatically add it to a loaded set.
  • Changed the style preferences menu to work with CCLI PDF files by disabling all controls except transpose and capo.
  • Changed how the song viewer redraws after rotating the screen orientation.
  • Changed the songs list to open faster and show a spinner until all the songs are loaded for viewing of larger numbers of songs.
  • Changed the location of "Detect Key By" to Settings » Import Settings » Text File Handling.
  • Changed the Style Preferences menu to divide it into Format and Chords and offer a more comprehensive array of menu settings.
  • Changed the diagram size slider to display "per line" instead of just the number.
  • Changed the restore database alerts to use a modern alert screen with the restore button in a destructive color.
  • Changed the default top toolbar border on iPhone to be "Thick" to prevent overlap of the top of the song with the navigation menubar.
  • Changed the configure gears screen to place the edit button in the right corner and add button in the toolbar to allow renaming of gears on iPhone.
  • Changed the book editor to only focus on the title of the book field if nothing has been entered such as adding a new book.
  • Changed the "Restart" button in the prompt to show as red text.


  • Updated FMDB (underlying database framework) to the latest version.
  • Updated international translations.


  • Removed the Alternate Keys setting since it is now handled using chooser buttons in the style preferences menu.
  • Removed the "My", "All" and "By" from the songs menu tabs for international translations.


  • Fixed an issue where the font size on sticky notes could not be changed.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to sign into Google Drive and a white screen appears.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the 4-string bass would result in the 5-string bass diagrams being selected.
  • Fixed an issue with one-based indexes when setting MIDI on sections.
  • Fixed a possible crash condition when restoring DMX lighting configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where you can start moving a sticky note with one finger but it stops after the editing icons disappear.
  • Fixed an issue when displaying larger database backups where the file size appears as a question mark.
  • Fixed spacing discrepancies between OnSong and Console.
  • Fixed an issue where accented characters will not work in quick pick.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a New Set from the Songs menu in multiselect mode.
  • Fixed an issue where adding songs to a set and then adding some more to the set and then editing and cancelling changes removes the previously added songs.
  • Fixed an issue when changing a key of a song and the viewport is not maintained.
  • Fixed an issue where having a song selected in a set list and then changing the icon at the bottom of the set list will scroll the set list to the selected song.
  • Fixed an encoding issue that causes Dropbox to throw an error when uploading song with filenames containing emoji.
  • Fixed a crash condition when deleting the last topic in the topics list when in editing mode.
  • Fixed an issue with misaligned text that appears when songs are not loaded within RWTC.
  • Fixed crash conditions caused by the "end ignoring drags" issue in iOS 11.
  • Fixed an issue with tracks being automatically displayed to the user even if the Automatically Link Tracks option is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a folder in Dropbox and then tapping Choose icon would not dismiss the menu.
  • Fixed an issue when using a phone and selecting songs for export where the export screen would be dismissed.
  • Fixed an issue with row resizing in the export screen when font accessibility features are enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with how text was measured for lyrics projection that would cause text to be cut off.
  • Fixed an issue with FTP where links that are folders were not able to be browsed.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on sections when using the on-screen widget and external lyrics projection and maximum lines would cause the wrong portion of the section to be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with grammar in the Autoscroll settings screen.
  • Fixed an issue in Quick Pick where a song could not be found when typing an accented character when the song title includes that character.
  • Fixed an issue with character support in filenames when uploading to Dropbox.
  • Fixed an issue where the song change prompt would not appear due to issues in how alert views are displayed in iOS 11.
  • Fixed an issue where the metronome is slightly audible when set to None.
  • Fixed an issue where playing a backing track after playing a MIDI track requires the play button to be pressed twice.
  • Fixed an issue when using Czech chords where Cmi is converted to C-i.
  • Fixed an issue where OnSong backup files cannot be restored using iCloud Drive in Files.
  • Fixed a crash condition when importing M4A files that contain null ID3 values.
  • Fixed an issue when swiping to delete a song in the song list that the multiselect toolbar appears.
  • Fixed an issue when using asian languages where the menu chooser buttons are blank until they are tapped.
  • Fixed an issue where menubar icons shrink on other languages.
  • Fixed an issue where default messages and text was not localized.
  • Fixed an issue where assigned audio files are not appearing in the Choose Track menu after being imported.
  • Fixed an issue with OnSong crashing when playing a backing track with no file data.
  • Fixed an issue where the editor jumps around when first tapped for editing.
  • Fixed an issue where you can't open any menus (Volume, AirPlay) from the playback heads-up display.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on the Separate Styles option for the book would cause a space in the selection screen.
  • Fixed a possible crash condition involving the email composition screen delegate firing after the composition screen is released.
  • Fixed an issue with cell resizing due to long song names in the Song Reporting screen by truncating the song title.