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Release Notes

OnSong 1.9992

OnSong 1.9992 was released on November 30, 2015. This release fixes found issues in the previous release.


  • Added support for theoretical keys available in the transpose slider such as G# major, D# major, A# major, Db minor, Gb minor and Cb minor.
  • Added the ability to choose "Default" for enharmonic preference to let OnSong decide the best key for capo transposition.


  • Changed the transpose slider in the style preferences menu to only show applied keys by default. You can turn on theoretical keys in Settings » Menu Settings » Style Preferences » Transpose and Capo » Theoretical Keys.
  • Changed the Transpose Up and Transpose Down actions to respect the theoretical keys option.
  • Changed the export locations menu to again respect the wide songs menu settings option.
  • Changed OnSong Console to use the new key table method of transposition.


  • Fixed an issue where songs will not transpose when the Settings » Display Settings » Song Formatting » Enharmonic » Force Enharmonic Preferences is turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with transposition where chords that were not in the defined key will not transpose due to enharmonic preference differences.
  • Fixed an issue when switching to alternate keys in OnSong Console.
  • Fixed an issue where page break characters are being displayed in lyrics projection.
  • Fixed some small issues with the Quick Pick screen regarding low-light mode.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting to iCloud where the bottom toolbar would appear as a dark toolbar with dark text.