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Release Notes

OnSong 1.97

OnSong 1.97 was released on October 3, 2013. It is an incremental update to improve performance and fix bugs.


  • Fixed an issue where swiping left and right in iOS 7 causes two song advancements.
  • Fixed a crash condition caused by selecting a custom song when BPM and/or duration are already set.
  • Fixed an issue where A#5 was being linked incorrectly to Aaug (now links to Gb5)
  • Fixed a rare crash condition caused by accessing an invalid "autoScroll" property.
  • Fixed an issue where turning off MIDI would still send MIDI program change/bank select when changing songs.
  • Fixed an issue where the artist was not being outputted when using ChordPro tags.
  • Fixed an issue when removing description text and sorting by artist where only the artist is displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents songs that were deleted from being beamed.


  • Updated to the latest AirTurn Framework for better performance and iOS 7 compatibility.
  • Updated Flurry Framework for Crash Reporting and iOS 7 compatibility.
  • Updated language files.


  • Added Griffin Stompbox. Configurable in the foot pedal menu.
  • Added the ability to automatically perform an action when a song is loaded. This behavior can be modified in Settings » Live Bar Options » Song Change Trigger.
  • Added images to support iOS 7 resolutions.


  • Changed the Set List menu to sort by descending date order when selected.
  • Changed the size of the modal window to full screen when picking an audio track using iOS 7.