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OnSong Premium

Upcoming Features

OnSong is committed to bring you features that you've asked for. Signing up for OnSong Premium helps us scale and bring you more value.

Here's what we have planned...

  • 2-Columns
    You've asked for it, and we are moving forward to delivering a new rendering engine with two-column support. This feature will be available who had originally purchased OnSong on the App Store and will not require an OnSong Premium subscription.
  • Advanced Formatting
    You've asked us for new ways to render chord charts and our new rendering engine will have the features you need, all while keeping things simple.
  • Clips
    Sticky notes are nice, but with clips you'll be able to paste notation and graphics on your page.
  • Cloud Collaboration
    Move your library to the cloud and manage things remotely.
  • Live Mode
    This feature is almost too big to describe. Let's just call it a "unified" experience that will get the show going with a single tap.
  • Multi-Track Playback
    Load your multi-track stems into OnSong and playback while you customize your mix.
  • Songwriting Tools
    New tools in the song editor for recording ideas and transcribing your songs.
  • Team Scheduling
    Now that you have an account, you can form your team and coordinate schedules and set lists.