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User Manual

Synchronization Settings

Synchronization allows OnSong to upload and download library files to a remote location such as Dropbox. Any external files are synchronized as well as the OnSong database file.

This setting screen allows you to configure where and how the synchronization takes place.

Sync Folder

When synchronization is performed, all files are placed in a folder in the root of the remote storage service. By default, OnSong will store this in a folder called OnSong. You can change this folder name here. You can also set a subfolder. For instance, you could set this parameter to "Sync/OnSong".

When the synchronization occurs, OnSong will create the synchronization folder if needed. If you are using a subfolder such as "Sync/OnSong", you may need to create the top-level folders.

Sync As Files

Synchronization is intended to store your OnSong library in another location. However, the OnSong library is not intended to be directly modified outside of the control of OnSong. For instance, text-based files that are in your library are stored in a single database file which is not easily editable. If you require to edit your chord charts in addition to synchronization, you can turn on this option.

Sync As Files will output a text file to your OnSong library directory within the OnSong app. When synchronization takes place, these files are also transferred in addition to the OnSong database file. If those files change, they are additional imported during the synchronization process.


OnSong synchronizes all files in your OnSong library but with one important exception. Chord charts that are not permitted to be distributed or uploaded will not be outputted when Sync As Files is enabled. However, since the OnSong database file handles rights management, the songs are synchronized at the database level. In addition, if externally imported files such as PDF are used and restricted, they will be uploaded to the synchronization destination regardless since they are required to handle a full synchronization of the OnSong library.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on September 26, 2014