OnSong Manual


My OnSong has crashed and now I can't even open it?

Most crashes are caused by imported songs that consume the device's limited resources. Since OnSong remembers the last song you've loaded, this can cause it to repeatedly crash. To fix, go into the Settings app on your device from the home screen. Locate OnSong on the left and then scroll to the Debug section on the right. Turn on Forget Last Song. Close the Settings app.

You should now be able to open OnSong as the song that was causing the crash is not automatically loaded. If you select that song however, it could cause a crash again. Locate the song in the All Songs tab in the Songs Menu. Use the Editing Mode to delete the song without loading it.

My OnSong froze and I can't access my songs or sets. Why?

OnSong uses database technology to store and organize your song library. This provides a number of advantages to how the app operates. Unfortunately if this file becomes corrupted, it can cause OnSong to not display songs or sets.

If this happens, we recommend sending your library to OnSong support for diagnostics. In most cases we can fix the corruption and send you a backup file to restore your library. To send your diagnostics, go into Utilities Menu Communicate Send Diagnostics screen.

Why are some of my imported songs not displaying on the screen?

OnSong uses the built-in web viewer in iOS to display externally imported files such as PDF documents. PDF files can be created in a variety of ways, some of which are not suitable for viewing on mobile devices. For instance, you can create a PDF file from a scanned document that will easily crash a mobile device due to limited memory.

iOS attempts to keep running under memory load. One way that it does this is by refusing to display content if there are not enough system resources to do it. If the song file has never been viewable, it may not be one of OnSong's supported file formats.

Try the following to free up your device's memory and to help OnSong with larger files:

  • Reboot: While iOS is very good at managing memory, there could be issues that occur when other apps are still running in memory. If you have trouble with performance-related issues, try rebooting your device before going live on stage. Exit to the home screen and then press and hold the power and home buttons until a slider appears. Slide left to right to shutdown the device. When the screen goes dark, press and hold the power button until the logo appears.
  • New Renderer: OnSong can use two different methods for displaying external content. It ships by default using the original renderer which ensures maximum compatibility. However, this method does not work well with longer or more complex external files. You can change to the new renderer in Settings Display Settings Song Viewer Renderer Version.
v. 2018.000