User Manual

On-Screen Keyboard

When editing the content of your song, the on-screen keyboard will appear. This allows you to type on the screen. There are a few things that may affect this operation.

Foot Pedals

Some wireless foot pedals such as the AirTurn BT-105 are actually Bluetooth computer keyboards with a limited number of keys. When iOS encounters a Bluetooth keyboard, it automatically hides the on-screen keyboard. You can use both the foot pedals and on-screen keyboard at the same time by "ejecting" the keyboard on the foot pedal. On The AirTurn BT-105, this is done by pushing the red button on the module. If you are using another brand, please contact your pedal manufacturer for details on how to enable the on-screen keyboard.

Wireless Keyboards

If you are using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with your device, the on-screen keyboard will also not appear. If you are using an Apple-branded keyboard, you can eject it using the up arrow in the upper right corner of the keyboard. This button was traditionally used to eject a CD-ROM, but will eject the keyboard allowing the on-screen keyboard to appear.

Splitting the Keyboard

You can tap and drag the button in the lower right corner of the keyboard on the iPad to move the location of the keyboard as well as split the keyboard for thumb typing. When used in this manner, the arrow keys in the Text Editor as well as the Quick Chord Bar may no longer appear or function normally.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on December 6, 2014