Fountain of Life

Peace Be Still

Peace Be Still
Christin Roach
Key: D
Duration: 5:45
Tempo: 72
Time: 4/4
Book: You Saved Me
Number: 8
Copyright: 2016 Fountain of Life Ministries

Verse 1:
     D     Em          A
Even if my world is shaking
     D     Em      A
Even if my soul is dry
    D            Em           Bm
You speak to the wind and the waves
Of my heart and say
G                       A
  Be still and know I'm God

Chorus 1:
         Bm      G
Peace be still

Chorus 2:
        D          Bm        G
You are more than enough for me
(Repeat 4-6 times)

Verse 2:
When I'm down on my knees
And I'm beggin' You please
      D                 G
Don't leave me here all alone
You take my hand
And You help me stand
D         G
All I can say...