Fountain of Life

All Over Me

All Over Me
Kara N. Kaylor
Key: Bm
Duration: 7:34
Tempo: 66
Time: 4/4
Book: You Saved Me
Number: 1
Copyright: 2016 Fountain of Life Ministries

Verse 1:
                  Bm                       G7
I’m lifting up my hands, I’m raising up my voice
           A2              E
To worship You, to worship You
                   Bm                       G7
I give the highest shout, as I magnify Your name
                   A2              Bm       E
Because You are my God, Yahweh, Yahweh

                    D                     D/E F#m
And Jesus You're my healer, Beginning and the end
              D                        A/C#
The Alpha and Omega, the praises never end

    G      A       Bm                   G9
And I will worship You like there is no end
                      A                   E
And I will lay myself down at Your feet   
Because Father You're worthy
           G9                         A                  E
And I will bask in Your glory as Your love and anointing pours
         Bm                G      A      E
All over me

    Bm                     G
The Lion and the Lamb, the Lion and the Lamb
D          A/C#
All chains fall down
    Bm                     G
The King of All Kings, the King of all Kings
D         A/C#
Mountains bow down
      D                         F#m
I can feel the Earth shake so I shout out Your name
           D                      A/C#
And then I feel Your breath on my face

Bm    G      A      E