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Barrie Dempsey

You Never Saw Me Love

You Never Saw Me Love
Barrie Dempsey
Key: C
Capo: 4
Number: 5
Book: Barrie Dempsey
Copyright: ©2013 Barrie G. Dempsey

Verse 1:
G                 CM7                           G
You never saw me, sittin' at the table drinking wine
CM7                                   G
Lookin' out the window at the clothes line
CM7                Am7                D
Tryin' to sing the songs that come to mind

You didn't know me
CM7                        G
A long time ago when I was sad
CM7                                  G
Travelin' down a road that was goin' bad
CM7                Am7            D
Tryin' to look for things I never had

Am7                       D
You never saw me love, or wastin' half the workday
Just dreamin' of
D                                   Am7
somewhere we could go, to have some fun
D                              G
and maybe get some lovin' done
Just try to find me
CM7                              G
Layin' out in the flowers in the yard

Verse 2:
CM7                          G
Lookin' in the window really hard
CM7              Am7          D
Using up all the time with no regard

Let it go now
CM7                            G
The past is hard to leave, it's so real
CM7                              G
It's never really gone, it's what you feel
CM7              Am7                    D
You don't have a choice, now that's the deal
(Repeat Chorus)

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