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Release Notes

OnSong 2021.0

OnSong 2021.0 has not yet been released and features new support for Apple Silicon Macs.
The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • Added support for the Macs running Apple Silicon.
  • Added support for the AirTurn BT500 S6 foot pedal for testing.
  • Added context menus to all lists to contain a delete action.
  • Added system keyboard shortcuts for livebar actions.
  • Added system keyboard shortcuts for zooming in, out, and actual size.
  • Added the new clips annotation.
  • Added a context menu into the song editor for common text functions.
  • Added menu options in the system menubar such as import, backup, sharing, and toggling different external video modes as windows.
  • Added a system keyboard shortcut to open Quick Pick.
  • Added a system keyboard shortcut to open the song editor.
  • Added a system keyboard shortcut for increasing and decreasing font size.
  • Added the ability to rename import sources using the context menu in the Add Songs menu.
  • Added the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts from in the actions screen.


  • Updated to include all changes contained in OnSong 2020.7.


  • Changed how OnSong handles external video screens to make them compatible with modern windows and scenes.
  • Changed the song editor to remove the arrow keys when running on a Mac.
  • Changed the height of the song editor quick chord bar for proper alignment on a Mac.
  • Changed spacing in the song editor and menubar to improve spacing.
  • Changed external URLs to open in the Safari application on Macs.


  • Fixed an issue where zooming in and out do not work on Macs due to changes in the renderer view hierarchy.
  • Fixed an issue where a period was being added when pressing the spacebar twice in the song editor when using on a Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where loading the library hides the menubar and livebar.
  • Fixed an issue attempting to search for tracks in the Apple Music screen or the email composition screen.
  • Fixed an issue where foot pedals and shortcuts would not register.
  • Fixed a crash condition when rotating the screen with the style preferences menu open.


  • Removed the ability to adjust screen resolution from settings to be compliant with the modern scenes interface.
  • Removed Spotify integration in the Mac version since it is not supported by the Spotify SDK.