Release Notes

OnSong 2019.12

OnSong 2019.12 has note yet been released. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • New OnSong Console with the ability to view and manage books and sets.
  • OnSong Premium will let you sign up for OnSong Premium to access future features.
  • Web actions let you assign a URL to be opened for an action. This might seem frivolous, but we have big plans for this feature.
  • Song Reporting tool has a new layout with the ability to easily choose report timeframes or create custom reports.


  • Added the Account option at the top of the Utilities Menu.


  • Changed the AirTurn peripheral screen to both connect and disconnect when tapping on the device.
  • Changed the icon of the export activity menu available within OnSong to better match current iOS design guidelines.


  • Updated translations and actions.
  • Updated to Google Drive 3.0 SDK.


  • Fixed an issue on newer versions of iOS where half of the status bar text color will be the wrong color when in vertical menubar mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the status bar background overlapping the navigation bar when using vertical menubar mode in iOS 9.
  • Fixed a crash condition when extracting certain RTF files due to the title not being present in the result.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rewrite Into Key menu would not automatically select and display minor keys.
  • Fixed an issue where the titles of the keys, artist, topics, and sets menus would not appear.
  • Fixed an issue when typing in email addresses in settings where the keyboard autocapitalization is enabled.
  • Fixed a crash condition when tapping on links in the user manual within the app.
  • Fixed an issue with not being about to sign out of Google Drive.
  • Fixed an issue where navigation action are not visible when creating a new set folder.
  • Fixed a crash condition when opening the Rewrite Into Key menu for certain songs.
  • Fixed an issue where song numbering is not updated when removing songs from a set, necessitating a reload of the set list.
  • Fixed an issue with a broken link to the SongSelect Terms of Use.
  • Fixed an issue in Console where text fields were not automatically receiving focus when window palettes were opened.


  • Removed the Add-ons option in the Utilities menu and moved it into the new Account Details screen.